[osg-users] empty scene after resize

Michele Bosi michele.bosi at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 14:05:41 PDT 2008

I am sure this is a known problem, but looking on the archives didn't
help, maybe I didn't come up with the right keywords, anyway... I am
using OSG 2.4 (but the problem was already there since OSG 2.0) under
both Win XP and Linux, with the Qt4 wrapper and when I resize the
window to zero width or height and then restore it the content of the
scene disappears (my program has 3d views that can be temprarily
hidden/restored). This behaviour seem not to be related to the driver
but to OSG since with OSG-based programs I get the same problem with
nVidias as well as with ATIs, while other non-OSG-based programs don't
show this problem.

I suspect that with a zero-area viewport something breaks into the
culling mechanism or some division by zero mixes up some OSG internal
state or matrix.
Does anyone know how to fix or work around this? do I have to reset
something once I detect a non-zero area viewport in my resize event


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