[osg-users] osgParticle and an .osg file

Sigvard Fubach sigvard.fubach at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 06:34:41 PDT 2008

Hello guys! I'm a beginner with OSG but i managed to setup my own
particle system with the help of the tutorial. But now I have an .osg
file with information about some smoke, starts like this

Group {
 UniqueID Group_0
 DataVariance DYNAMIC
 name "flight_engine"
 cullingActive TRUE
 num_children 3

   osgParticle::ModularEmitter {
       endless FALSE
       DataVariance DYNAMIC
       cullingActive FALSE
       lifeTime 4.0
   startTime 0.2
   currentTime 0
   resetTime 4.4
       osgParticle::ParticleSystem {

As i understand this, I just add this to my root and then add the
emitter to my matrixTransform where my airplane-model also is added.
But how do i "connect" the .osg file with the emitter? When I do
emitter->setEnable(true) I want the smoke to start.
When i had my own particle system setup i could set my particlesystem
and setPlacer and setShooter via the emitter(ModularEmitter).

Hope someone understand. Thanks in advance, Sigvard

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