[osg-users] ssh and osgdem

J.P. Delport jpdelport at csir.co.za
Thu Jul 10 04:53:02 PDT 2008


I've set up a cluster to test out vpb. I've created a machine pool file 
and I can now see that the master node executes e.g.:

ssh node01 "osgdem --run-path /home/jpd/terrain -s build_master.source 
--record-subtile-on-leaf-tiles -l 1 --task 
tasks/build_root_L0_X0_Y0.task --log logs/build_root_L0_X0_Y0.log"

(The node has access to the data, passwordless ssh works ...)

The tasks fail, so I logged into the remote node using ssh (with and 
without -X) and ran the command manually.

I get:
No protocol specified
Error: Unable to open display ":0.0".

in both cases.

I assume this is because osgdem wants to create a graphics context.

Will osgdem run with X11 forwarding? If not, how does one start a remote 
process so that it has access to the X server on the node which it is 


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