[osg-users] Centroid Varying Shader Variable

paul1492 at yahoo.com paul1492 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 7 12:19:12 PDT 2008

I'm attempting to define a "centroid varying variable":
Why do I need the "#version 120" line?
I send my shader programs through the C-Preprocessor (cpp) before giving them to OSG and CPP doesn't like this line (clearly it thinks its a command it should understand)..  
I assume this line is defining the Shader Version to use (1.2). If I don't have this line, the shader compiler doesn't like the "centroid" word.
Setting OSG_NOTIFY_LEVEL seems to report that glslLanguageVersion=1.2 even when I don't use #version.
Is there some other way to tell the shader compiler/OSG that that the shader is a 1.2 shader? 
While I'm at it, does the shader compiler natively support any CPP directives (i.e. # commands).?
Paul P.


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