[osg-users] Converting model to screen coordinates

Helbig, Yuen Yuen_Helbig at mentor.com
Wed Jul 2 15:27:28 PDT 2008

I'm trying to convert from model coordinates to screen coordinates with
the following code:
// Compute the model to screen transformation matrix
osgUtil::SceneView* sv = m_sHandler->getSceneView();
osg::Matrix modelView = sv->getViewMatrix();
osg::Matrix projection = sv->getProjectionMatrix();
osg::Matrix window = sv->getViewport()->computeWindowMatrix();
osg::Matrix MVPW = modelView * projection * window;
// convert a point in model coordinates to screen coordinates
osg::Vec3 screenPoint = modelPoint * MVPW;
The resulting screen coordinate point is correct in the x-dimension, but
scaled down incorrectly in the y-dimension.  The only point that is
correct is the center point of the model.
Am I missing a matrix somewhere?  or does anyone have an alternate
method of doing this?
Yuen Helbig
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