[osg-users] Line disappearing

bhendrick at knology.net bhendrick at knology.net
Fri Sep 7 08:45:22 PDT 2007

Thanks That worked.

On Thu Sep  6  3:55 , "J.P. Delport"  sent:

>I had a similar problem some time ago, a quad strip would disappear if 
>the initial point was outside the camera FOV.
>Try ->dirtyBound() on the geometry node you add data to.
>bhendrick at knology.net wrote:
>>  I have set up a earth globe view where I have a trajectory line that "trails" out of the end of a 3d aircraft model.
>> I have two slightly modified versions of a nodeTracker and Terrain manipulator that I am using. (Both have
>> slightly modified up vector calculations). My problem is that depending on my viewing angle the trajectory
>> line  will disappear. I have set the culling mode on the viewer's camera to NO_CULLING and have tried to 
>> set all nodes to setCullingActive(false). The line itself is a primitive class that I append points to as they
>> arrive (I get my data elsewhere).The model is placed at the same location as the last point appended 
>> to the line.  The behavior seems as follows. If I view the model (which is the node
>> currently attached to my nodeTracker) from ANYWHERE  behind the model which is the side the trajectory
>> line emminates from (back to the original point), the line disappears. The model never disappears but the entire
>> line disappears. It is not clipping the line off at a near clip plane because the entire line disappears, and I am far enough
>> away (and off to the side) that at least some if not all the line should be in view.
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