[osg-users] WGS-84 osgTerrain

Norman Vine nhv at cape.com
Fri Sep 7 07:34:41 PDT 2007

Blinkeye writes:
> On Fri, September 7, 2007 15:45, Argentieri, John-P63223 wrote:
> > Hello again, and a good day to you.
> >
> > We use a lo-fi earth model generated by osgdem. When we do a terrain
> > intersection, then convert to a 0-altitude coordinate, the 
> location we
> > get is inaccurate due to the fact that the model's geometry is an
> > approximation of the shape of the earth. Is there a way to use
> > osgTerrain to find the intersection of a vector with a WGS-84 earth?
> >
> please let me know if you get any further or any input on 
> that issue. I'll probably
> have to do the same thing in a couple of weeks.

Hmm "OSG and accurate Earth model"


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