[osg-users] Old mailing list messages? (was Re: Has anyone tried 64-bit SUSE enterprise)

Jean-Sébastien Guay jean-sebastien.guay at polymtl.ca
Sat Sep 29 16:17:28 PDT 2007

Hello Robert,

> Well if the problems with mailing list are anonying to you, multiply
> that by 100x and you'll get the frustration at my end.  I know how
> important they are but I'm not on onipotent, I have done the best I
> can with the resouces to hand.

I'm not implying you're omnipotent, I was just asking if anyone else  
had noticed the same thing. I cannot know if you're investigating  
something or not, so I just report a problem and ask if you knew. So  
another way of saying it is that I don't assume you're omnipotent, but  
I can't assume you're omniscient either, so if I see a problem I  
report it.

In this case, I don't seem to be the only one experiencing this (I saw  
a message yesterday where someone was replying to a message from  
August thinking it had just come in, well I had a batch of those  
lately and others seem to have as well).

Sorry for coming through the wrong way.

Jean-Sebastien Guay     jean-sebastien.guay at polymtl.ca

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