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Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 01:15:21 PDT 2007

Hi Robbert,

Your review of src/osgViewer is pretty accurate, there isn't full
functionality in place yet on the loading side.  The hard part is now
actually done - the mechanism for integrating the loading of
configurations into osgViewer::Viewer/View.  The osgViewer plugin when
loads the configuration (it loads it directly in the form of Viewer/
CompositeViewer/ View) and passes this back to the loaded code than
merges it withthe existing Viewer/CompsiteViewer to set it up.

My plan is to add the ability to configure the master and slave
cameras, and set configure all the graphics windows/graphics contexts
from within the configuration file.  Some of this work has already
been done, but is not complete enough to use yet.  It is my plan to
fill out these features so it will be a functional replacement for
everything you can present do in Producer config files.

The functionality won't stop there though.  The new configuration
support being based on the standard OSG plugin architecture allows you
to define your own configuration file support.  One possibility for
instance would be to add a .cfg plugin to the osgProducer project that
allows you to read a Producer .cfg but return the osgViewer::View set
up for it.   This could also be taken a step further for reading a
custom viewer configuration file format such as a xml bae

Another future feature is the ability to read and write the viewer
configuration (again virtue of the piggy backing off standard

Finally there will be the ability to actually specify actual scene
graph configurations from with the .view files themselves.  This will
be really useful for setting up custom distortion correction.  Or just
providing a default model to load on start up.

Oo also forgot to mention it will be possible to configuration the
camera manipulators and event handlers from within the viewer
configuration file.

Members of the community are welcome to pitch in an help progress things along.


On 9/29/07, Krijnen, R. (Robbert) <robbert.krijnen at tno.nl> wrote:
> Robert,
> We are at a point where we have to decide to stay at 1.2 branch for major
> upcoming projects / years or make a last minute switch to the 2.x branch. To
> make the switch we need a configuration file mechanism to configure the
> viewer.
> I'm currently trying to figure out if the configuration mechanism you
> release in 2.1.12 is sufficient for us to switch from 1.2 to the 2.x
> release!
> I located the sample configuration files in the OpenSceneGraph-Data
> repository.
> The setUpViewInWindow and setUpViewOnSingleScreen is basic functionality.
> However is there a mechanism to configure other settings like multiple
> cameras / viewports / clipping planes / render surfaces / camera offsets /
> clear color /...?
> If there is, could you please add documentation or more samples to clarify
> the usage.
> If not, what are your plans for this kind of functionality?
> I'm able to do some coding in this field to help realize this crucial
> feature. However because you already implemented some functionality could
> you tell something about the basic design idea of the configuration files so
> I can help out in a constructive way.
> Also, looking at the osgViewer plug-in code there is also mention of a
> Slaves keyword.
> A quick scan of the code does not clarify the the function of this.
> Thanks,
> Robbert
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