[osg-users] texturing a sphere segment

sylvain cormier sly at sat.qc.ca
Fri Sep 28 12:46:16 PDT 2007

Sorry for the confusion,

I am trying to compensate for the deformation caused by a movie screen
in the shape of a sphere segment by applying a movie texture to a sphere
if the osgviewer already provides the option of deforming to a spherical
3d segment shape, (--panoramic-sd and --3d-sd) I would evidently go for
that option. 
In the meantime, I found OSG very interesting and fun to work with.
I have successfully modified the osgmovie example to texture spheres,
cylinders, anything shapedrawable.
I then took a spheresegment from osgSim::SphereSegment hoping to avoid
having to make my own geometry.  

I then took your advice and made a geometry, or array of vertices for
the shape of a sphere segment.

I am now trying to apply the texture to my geometry with:

osg::Vec2Array* texcoords = new osg::Vec2Array(# of vertices);

////This is what I was tempted to put, my vertices, but setTexCoordArray
///wants osg::Vec2Array* what goes here???





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