[osg-users] What is the correct method for removing update callbacks?

beelzebob999-osg at yahoo.com beelzebob999-osg at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 28 05:17:50 PDT 2007

We ran into an interesting crash, caused by the fact
that an update callback would set the update callback
pointer of its node to NULL (causing it to be freed),
before calling traverse on the node.  It seems to me
it should be possible to do a pre-order delete
traversal, but this causes a crash.

This raises kind of an interesting question... how do
you go about removing update callbacks from the scene?
 Since you can only modify a scene during the update
traversal, it seems like you are forced into having
update callbacks remove themselves, which leads to an
unpleasant case of a "this" pointer deleting itself.  

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