[osg-users] Transparency problem

Andreas.Richter at dlr.de Andreas.Richter at dlr.de
Thu Sep 27 23:22:42 PDT 2007

> Well I have already tried to change the stateset of the geode of the
> osgText for example with something like
> stateSetGeode->setRenderBinDetails(15, "RenderBin", 
> , but it doesn't seem to help. The bigger the renderbin the 
> later it is rendered in the scene, right?

Yes, the foremost object have to get the highest binNumber. In my case I
only have to set these number like below and it works fine for me with
static objects:

	osg::StateSet *stateSet = new osg::StateSet;

	// specify when object is going to be drawn


I don't know if this works with HUDs. May be you also have to set the
binNumber for the HUD. Perhaps the problem lies elsewhere and someone
else can help.
Andreas Richter

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