[osg-users] Trackball and view question

Alberto Luaces aluaces at udc.es
Thu Sep 27 01:38:24 PDT 2007

El Wednesday 26 September 2007 21:56:30 Poirier, Guillaume escribió:
> Now I want to assume that I don't know those parameters. A user loads a
> model with a trackball manipulator. He / she can manipulate the model until
> the desired pose is obtained and recuperate the camera parameters (eye,
> ctr, up), which should be what I used in the previous step...
> Is that more clear ? How would I achieve this ?

What about osg::Camera::getViewMatrixAsLookAt (osg::Vec3 &eye, osg::Vec3 
&center, osg::Vec3 &up, float lookDistance=1.0f) ?


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