[osg-users] Instrument Panel rendering - interest? ideas?

Erik Johnson rejohnso at nps.edu
Wed Sep 26 11:12:19 PDT 2007

Robert Osfield <robert.osfield at ...> writes:

> Hi Joe,
> There are certainly a number of projects which would benefit from
> NodeKit that provides an rendered instrument panel.  I'm not sure if
> its generally useful enough to make it into the core OSG, but it could
> certainly become part of the family and perhaps hosted on the osgforge
> alongside VirtualPlanetBuilder, osgLua etc.
> Robert.
> On 9/14/07, Sullivan, Joseph (CDR) <jasullivan at ...> wrote:
> >
> >
> > Greetings,
> > Over the last couple years we've worked on a few OSG/Delta3D projects that
> > have included a rendered instrument panel.  We have a pretty decent solution
> > that currently hangs out as a Delta3D utility (dtUtil).  Since it's mostly
> > OSG code we're wondering if it wouldn't make more sense to make this an osg
> > thing.
> > So the questions are:
> > Would this sort of application be useful for others?
> > Is there enough interest and ability to support as part of OSG?
> > What would be the right way to go - build as a plugin?
> > Thanks!
> > Joe S.
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Hi all,

Okay, so I have some time to gather up this instrument panel project and submit
it to the OSG world.

To where should I send the code?

I'd like to structure the directories so its easy to incorporate into wherever
its going.  Should I put it into its own subfolders or try to merge it into some
existing osg folder?

This library is pretty simple and easy to extend, yet should provide a good
starting point for 2D gauges.  


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