[osg-users] more on Windows debugging

Eric Sokolowsky eric.sokolowsky at nasa.gov
Tue Sep 25 14:16:17 PDT 2007

Andy Skinner wrote:
> I can step into header files, but not the source.  I wonder why that is.
> It seems I'm pretty close, since it is finding the header file.  If
> anyone could suggest why Visual Studio can find one and not the other,
> I'd be grateful.  I've added both to the list of debug source.

It sounds like there is no debugging information in the source files, 
especially if you're trying to step into the OSG sources which are 
located inside a library file. Header files are compiled into your 
program's sources so you can step into the functions contained therein. 
Are you using a debug version of the library?


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