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James E. Hopper james.e.hopper at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 05:50:18 PDT 2007


I agree something is happening with events, but its not the wrapper  
issue.  Well if i understand what you are saying

   I am building it as an application with proper wrapper.  thats why  
i used qmake which knows how to build a standard universal mac  

In addition i verified that qt events are happening.  the data is  
going to osg, just not being used by osg as far as i can seen.

i will look more deeply at GraphicsWindowCarbon to see if there is  
something else missing.

best jim

there may be something else in carbon version, but its not the  
wrapper problem that has been discussed in the past.

best jim

> I suspect this problem is down to stupid bit of behavior under OSX
> that Apple decided was a good idea... basically you have to tell the
> OS that you actually want events in your application.
> osgViewer::GraphicsWindowCarbon has a call to do this, this must be
> missing from QT.  The alternative to this call is to provide a
> resource file which seems to be the "official" Apple but still crap
> way of doing this.
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