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James E. Hopper james.e.hopper at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 16:32:04 PDT 2007


I have an intel mac powerbook.  i built using qmake.  i created this  
pro file:



# Input
SOURCES += osgviewerQT.cpp
QT           += opengl
mac {
LIBS = -framework OpenThreads -framework osg -framework osgDB \
      -framework osgGA -framework osgViewer -framework osgUtil \
      -framework osgText


then i did

qmake -spec macx-xcode osgviewerQT.pro

this creates an xcode project which i then build and ran.

the window comes up with the model in it.  from debugger i know that  
QT events are happening and being passed to OSG's GraphicsWindow
   The timer is firing and updategl is being called which calls the  
paint method, which calls frame().  However nothing is changing in  
the display. its like its ignoring the mouse, or the frame() call is  
doing nothing.  So perhaps the events are not being passed properly?

   i notice that there is a graphicswindowcarbon in the osg source,  
but no example seems to use it.  should it be perhaps used to get  
proper events to OSG?

thanks jim

> 2007/9/24, James E. Hopper <james.e.hopper at gmail.com>:
> >
> > David/Robert,
> >
> > i am on mac.  must be a mac issue.
> probably.
> Other mac-user, have you the same problem?
>   i have the same problem with the
> > MDI demo that someone else on the list had posted.
> MDI demo work well for me.
> Which Qt4 version are you used ?
> Can you give more info on you plateform ?
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