[osg-users] ive format and includeImageFileInIVEFile doesitlosereferences to same image?

Dunhour, Mike (CIV) msdunhou at nps.edu
Mon Sep 24 10:15:59 PDT 2007

> I still don't understand how a 2.3Mb (uncompressed) dae file plus
0.3Mb of
> jpeg data ends up as a 20Mbyte ive file!


  Don't know how you're going about getting it in to .ive, but doing
artwork in 3dsMax and exporting using osgexp I can give some information
you might find useful.
  In the exporter plugin for 3dsMax you must check a box called 'share
duplicate states'.  This cause duplicate materials to simply reference
another objects material state (also can be other states).
  In and exported .osg file with this box checked (can't open .ive to
In two objects using the same material the first object holds the
material's properties, with the material having a unique ID say
Material> Unique ID = 4> state properties.
The second object when you get to its Material State will simply read
Material> use unique ID 4, and that's all.
  You could also have to of the same objects were the geometry can be
given a unique ID which can be referenced by the second.

  Have found as you say .ive files getting huge when embedding textures
if this box is unchecked.  Checking an .osg file with box unchecked file
each object gets a full set of material properties including its
  Guess would be that in the .ive your putting out as the exporter comes
to a material listed, if not having the 'use unique id' it will simply
embed any material listed even if used previously.
  So if you have a forest of 5000 trees all using the same texture, that
texture will be embedded 5000 times.

Hope that is of some use.

Mr. D

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