[osg-users] OpenSceneGraph with Qt multiple windowing problem

arnaud houegbelo a_houegbelo at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 20 03:37:23 PDT 2007

Hi David and Robert,

Thanks for the looking about my problem.

I use Windows XP with 
    AMD Athlon (tm) 64 Processor 2008+
    1.80 Ghz,

    OSG_THREADING = SingleThreaded

About the multiple windowing problem, the Viewer/Composite
It's a good idea but in this way I must display the differents 
sceneGrpah in the same window. But I want to have differents
sceneGraph in differents windows. 

According you Robert, It seems
that for the moment It is not possible to have what I want. 
Do you think that It can be possible in a next version of osg. 
It is a real need for the Osg comunity? I don't really know If my
request it's interesting for the others people. 
About your approach "to inherit the native windowing into a
GraphicsWindowWin32/Carbon/X11 in a way that adapts a Qt window via
its native windowing implementatio" can you give me more precision and
direction to help me If I want to develop myself to try to correct this probelm.
Others are welcome too, to find a solution :-)

Many thanks
and Best regards

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