[osg-users] debug plugin library names under linux

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 12:16:14 PDT 2007

Hi Andy,

On 9/19/07, Andy Skinner <Andy.Skinner at mathworks.com> wrote:
> I just build debug OSG on Windows and linux--thanks to those who helped
> out.
> In my build, the Windows OSG libraries and plugin libraries have the "d"
> in their names.  But on linux, I get the "d" in the OSG library  names,
> but not the plugin libraries.
> So in Windows I have:
> osg22-osgd.dll
> osgdb_rgbd.dll
> On Linux I have:
> libosgd.so
> osgdb_rgb.so
> Shouldn't the linux plugin name be osgdb_rgbd.so?


The plugins will compile without the d  and be loaded without the d so
everything will be fine.  You can mix and match debug and non debug
libs/apps under Unix so there is no technical problem.


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