[osg-users] osgDotNet and Windows Forms

Christoffer Markusson ch.markusson at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 09:34:09 PDT 2007


Thanks for your reply.

My program is a simple form with your control and a timer in it. The
only thing it does is to get an reference to the viewer in the control
and then use setSceneData on it. (to construct the scene data I've
used the example from
After this, the application is launched using Application.Run.

>From your suggestion I invalidate the controller each timer click.

What I get when I run the application is just the form, nothing is
displayed in the control.


>2007/9/19, Jason Beverage <jasonbeverage at gmail.com>:
>Hi Christoffer,
>I'd need a little more information about what is going on.  I assume you
>passed a Node to the viewer using the setSceneData function.  Also, to get a
>continuous update, I just dropped a timer on the form and set it to call
>Invalidate on the OSG control on tick.
>2007/9/19, Christoffer Markusson <ch.markusson at gmail.com>:
> Hi Jason,
> Thanks for your help!
> I've used your code to create a controller in Visual Studio. But when
> I try to use the controller in a project it dosen't render anything.
> Could you please give me an example of how you use your controller?
> Christoffer
> >2007/9/19, Jason Beverage <jasonbeverage at gmail.com>:
> >Hi Christoffer,
> >
> >Here is a simple control that uses TAO to display an OSG window that I've
> >used for testing.
> >
> >Thanks!
> >
> >Jason
> >
> >>2007/9/18, Christoffer Markusson <ch.markusson at gmail.com>:
> >> I'm using OSG together with C# in Visual Studio 2005 using the
> osgDotNet wrappers.
> >>
> >>Is there an easy way to integrate and display an OSG window in a
> Windows Form? >>Does anyone have example code?
> >>
> >> Christoffer
> >>

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