[osg-users] debug libraries in windows

Andy Skinner Andy.Skinner at mathworks.com
Wed Sep 19 09:28:18 PDT 2007

I'm pretty sure I'm not doing enough for debug build, since although the
CMake build type is debug, I've only got Release subdirectories, like


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I've lost track--should windows debug libraries have d appended, like
osg22-osgd.dll?  What about lib files?

Somewhere as I went from OSG 1.2 to 2.*, we lost some of our text
objects (we're using our own class).  (Not all, oddly.)  It looks like
they might be culled out, and I thought the problem was going to be
small feature culling.  (Our bounds aren't right, and have two points
for corners.)  But we're still turning that off, and it used to work.

If I change the computeBound() method to alter one of the points a bit,
it works.  So it does seem like a culling issue, but I haven't figure
out what to do with it.  As I said, we've turned off small feature
culling.  I tried making a cull callback which returns false.  (False
means don't cull, right?)  The cull callback is called, but
drawImplementation is not.

So I'd like to debug a bit, but I'm not getting any symbols.  I want to
make sure I'm building the library correctly, and my filenames don't
have "d" appended to them.  Should they?

Any help about what might have changed so that our text doesn't show, or
about whether I'm getting a debug build, would be appreciated.

CMakeCache.txt shows:


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