[osg-users] debug libraries in windows

sherman wilcox wilcox.sherman at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 09:13:33 PDT 2007

> So I'd like to debug a bit, but I'm not getting any symbols.  I want to
> make sure I'm building the library correctly, and my filenames don't
> have "d" appended to them.  Should they?

Yes, they should if you've built the debug version of the libraries. I
believe all the OSG lib files should have a 'd' appended. osg.lib
would be a release lib where osgd.lib would be the debug equivalent.
Same goes for the .dll files.

If you're using Visual Studio 2005 and run in debug mode...be prepared
for sloooooow performance. Iterator debugging (among other things) is
turned on by default in debug builds and it really slows things down.
Can be a lifesaver if you're mangling an iterator, but it does have a

Also, I'd recommend building release with debug info for your release
build. Should provide more information if your app crashes. Are you
using minidumps? They're very helpful in diagnosing crashes.

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