[osg-users] 'loosing' textures?

Raymond de Vries reedev at xs4all.nl
Wed Sep 19 05:26:40 PDT 2007

Hi Robert,

Sure, I did not provide information for the complete solution. At this 
moment I was hoping that someone else was triggered by this and he or 
she did some extensive research on this. Appearantly I did trigger ;-)

I will describe my situation here in detail:

    * osg 2.0.0 on Windows XP SP2, 1 monitor
    * 1 main freeglut window = 1 rendering context. Shared contexts is
      enabled in freeglut since I intend to use only 1 rendering context
      in order to preserve resources. This window exists during the
      existence of the program and I hide it just after creation. I
      don't draw this window.
    * Multiple other windows, mixed glut and .net controls. In the .net
      control I create a so-called NativeWindow and get the current
      context. This way I get the context from my main window. These
      other windows and .net controls are created and deleted at runtime
    * Each 'other' window (ie not the main window) has its own sceneview
    * 1 scenegraph, assigned to each sceneview (setSceneData(node))
    * Each 'other' window has its own camera transformation

Models are then loaded from file and added to the scenegraph. The effect 
that I see right now is that it seems that I am using multiple rendering 
contexts and that the texture of some parts of the models don't get 
uploaded to a particular rendering context. This is not the case 
however, I checked the contexts being made active and they are all the 
same. It looks like the models are only smooth shaded. Any clue?

Is it possible that I need to set a specific rendering context to a 

Thanks a lot (again)

Robert Osfield wrote:
> Hi Raymond,
> If its not clear to you then with this small amount of information is
> going to be absolutely beyond comprehension for others...
> First up what type of application/viewer code do you have?  Single
> window, multiple cameras?  What platform?  Does it just happen with
> certain types of hardware?
> Does osgviewer exhibit the same problems your data?  Have you tried
> disabling the optimizer?
> Robert.
> On 9/19/07, Raymond de Vries <reedev at xs4all.nl> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Since I have upgraded to OSG 2.0 (a few months ago) I seem to 'loose'
>> textures on loaded models. It is not very clear to me what happens, and
>> it is not easy to describe. At the moment I was wondering if someone has
>> a hint or so.
>> Thanks a lot,
>> Raymond
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