[osg-users] Use of osgDotNet Wrappers

Christophe Medard christophe.medard at oktal.fr
Wed Sep 19 00:58:41 PDT 2007

The non wrapping of public variables is an issue too, that necessitates modification by hand too (for dynamic use of LightPoints for example).
Is that evolution (maybe less tricky than the operator issue) planned for the future ?

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  Hi Jason and Christophe,


  Operator overloading is a known deficiency.  But it's unlikely to be resolved in an automated fashion in the near future due to extensive changes necessary in osgIntrospection.


  The solution for now is ad-hoc support on a per-type basis, added to the generator.  If you know how to patch the generated files to support the operators you're using, then it's only a small step to add that same information to the generator configuration so that it is added to the generated code automatically in the future.  Just modify GeneratorConfiguration.cpp, send a patch, and I can integrate it into osgDotNet SVN.


  On the general question of osgDotNet use, I'm actually only using the wrappers intermittently at this point due to some changes in project direction.  But I still intend to support osgDotNet releases on top of stable OSG releases in the future.



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