[osg-users] multipass & calculating with shaders

John Donovan john.donovan at embryonicstudios.com
Mon Sep 17 06:43:06 PDT 2007

OSG at dvp.co.il wrote:

> second, I want to render single or several (4 - 8) values which represnt some calculation. So I use render to texture. The texture is 1D and to render to it I use orthographic projection, and the viewport fits to the texture dimension. The geometry I render is points. One point per calculation, and each point should result as one pixel. Is this the right way? I has to set the point size to 1.5 to see anything, any ideas why?

It sounds like you need to offset your point centres by 0.5 I don't have the
spec in front of me, but I think you've got to shift it in the positive
direction on both axes, but you may have to play with the signs until it works :)


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