[osg-users] probs running OSG on non-dev system?

Olaf Flebbe fgfs at oflebbe.de
Sun Sep 16 22:58:56 PDT 2007


> Thanks for the suggestion, but now my problem wont repro, so I guess 
> that isn't the problem.
> But a further question, are manifests relevant to native win32 binaries, 
> or windows managed assemblies?  If the former, then that including of a 
> manifest better be captured the cmake build process somewhere.

manifests are even relevant to native win32 binaries beginning with w2k. 
You can distribute the msvcrt80.dll beneath your exe iff you provide it 
with a manifest. If you don't windows will not accept the dll. This is 
called you are distributing a "private assembly".

The manifest is even more relevant for Vista: It is used for the User 
Access Control, if you need to run with admin priviledges.


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