[osg-users] OSG 2.1.10 windows refresh / performance

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 04:18:51 PDT 2007

HI Gert,

On 9/15/07, Gert van Maren <gert at k2vi.com> wrote:
> Tried it on a couple more machines and all the same issue. This issue has
> been there since post OSG1.2. Have a look at the attached screenshot.

OSG 2.x has a completely new windowing support.  In theory it should
actual be more Windows friendly than the old Producer Win32 support,
supporting a wider range of capabilities.  I'm not the author of the
src/osgViewer/GraphicWindowWin32.cpp or a windows expert so can't
really comment or help directly on finding out what this problem stems

The best I can divine is that problem itself is a window manage issue,
i.e. its the window managers responsibility to draw its own decoration
and menu bars etc, of for some reason is being rather too lazy in
updating itself.  Under windows do you have to give the window manager
a kick (i.e. send it an event) each time you close a window?  This is
something Windows developers will need to answer & code a solution.

> Happens in debug and release.
> > I haven't yet worked out how to make CMake by itself default to
> > selecting Release build.  Under unices you can use the configure
> > script which simple does:
> >   cmake . -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
> > Its absolutely essential to make a release build before doing any
> > benchmarking as it makes a massive difference to performance.
> Did do the Cmake release compile but the /O2 option didn't get set in the
> vs project by Cmake (running VS2003 7). Had to add it manually. Now have
> comparable fps as OSG12.

How are you building using CMake?  Using CMakeSetup?


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