[osg-users] How to properly disable a plugin

Paul Melis paul at science.uva.nl
Thu Sep 13 02:20:12 PDT 2007

Mike Logan wrote:

>Using latest svn today...
>I have an old Inventor install that keeps getting picked up by cmake.
>But I want to disable that plugin for now..    it won't compile.
>I changed to my build subdirectory and ran "ccmake .."  and was
>  able to change the values
>but I can't "generate" at that point within ccmake.
>I have to "configure" again and then generate
>  which ends up finding Inventor all over again.
>Editing CMakeCache.txt  directly also doesn't work, because  the  
>subsequent 'make'
>  will cause a  "configure & generate" again.
I think I had a similar problem. In my case setting the inventor values 
to the empty string in ccmake seemed to help.
You do have to [c]onfigure after that step, but in my case ccmake 
doesn't alter the values anymore.


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