[osg-users] Lightpoints on a string

Tim.Rambau at dlr.de Tim.Rambau at dlr.de
Thu Sep 13 00:06:10 PDT 2007

Hi Andreas,

I thought something like this...

In the meantime I found a plugin for Multigen Creator (ok, not so interesting for you ;-) but maybe for other Creator users):


Kind regards,

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Hi Tim,

To support light point strings, the OpenFlight reader would have to implement the use of Replicate records. The class Replicate is defined in AncillaryRecords.cpp but doesn't seem to be used anywhere else.


Tim.Rambau at dlr.de wrote:

>Hi all,
>in OpenFlight you can create a string of lightpoints by defining a
>start- and endpoint and the count of lightpoints in-between. 
>Did anybody manage to visualize this in OSG? I always get only one 
>lightpoint :-(
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