[osg-users] Please test SVN version of OpenSceneGraph

Williams, Blake bwilliams at drs-tcs.com
Wed Sep 12 08:26:13 PDT 2007

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> The Build.htm file for OpenThreads seems to say it worked.  I see the
> linking, the "Creating library" output, and the Results section says 0
> errors.
> I haven't seen anything significant yet in the build output from
> osgviewer and osgversion, but the former works and the latter doesn't.
> I just saw the note from Blake, and that's the sort of thing I was
> looking for.  Is OpenThreads listed in dependencies or similar for
> osgviewer?
> andy

No, but osgviewer does not call any function directly from OpenThreads.
When I add OpenThreads to the dependency list for osgversion, it links
properly.  I don't know how to modify the cmakelists.txt files to have
this happen automatically, though.


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