[osg-users] About install OSG2.0 on IRIX6.5??

Mathias Froehlich M.Froehlich at science-computing.de
Tue Sep 11 23:22:46 PDT 2007

On Tuesday 11 September 2007 18:38, Robert Osfield wrote:
> Hi,
> I don't have access to IRIX anymore (its been 6 years since I did), so
> I can't directly test out fixes for IRIX.  It should be easy to fix
> though, It looks straight forward to fix, but you'll need to roll you
> sleeves up and do it as there is so few others on IRIX anymore(not
> even SGI support IRIX...).
> Another alternative for you is to select pthreads build under IRIX
> instead of sproc. Use cd OpenThreads;ccmake . to bring up the options
> for toggling what to build.

I believe I posted some patches to osg-submissions a few weeks ago.
I have that working here.

May be you dig for some unapplied OpenThreads patches from osg-submissions?



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