[osg-users] fails compilation on linux (Ubuntu Feisty Fawn)

Rafa Gaitan rafa.gaitan at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 11:33:37 PDT 2007

> #define GL_DEIFINE(name, value) \
>     #ifndef name \
>     #define name value\
>     #endif
> Then in the header have:
> Thoughts?

I agree with this solution... the only problem is to pay attention on all
GL_* definitions inside osg:

OpenSceneGraph/include$ grep "define" * -R | grep GL_ | wc -l

so... I hope sed comes to help us! :)

Rafael Gaitán Linares
Instituto de Automática e Informática Industrial  http://www.ai2.upv.es
Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

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