[osg-users] download file with .net plugin

Ralph Kern usenet04 at rk-se.de
Tue Sep 11 04:44:20 PDT 2007

Lilinx schrieb:
> hi, all
>     The platform: windows xp, vc 71 
> 	I want download file with .net plugin,and write to the disk before osgDB::readfile.
> but I find that the result is wrong. it is seen that some unwanted '0D' was writen into the file.
> why?

do you mean ASCII hex 0D? Then it is just the UNIX line end marker,
which is not correctly interpreted by some of the text editors of the MS

But it should not be anything to worry about, since most of the vc
runtime io routines accept it as line end marker.

regards Ralph

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