[osg-users] CMake config for OpenVRML plugin - debug vs release libs

Luigi Calori l.calori at cineca.it
Mon Sep 10 09:29:56 PDT 2007

Jean-Sébastien Guay wrote:

> Hello Luigi,
>> Sorry I am on a really slow connection now, so just hints, I can not 
>> test:
> That's fine, thanks for helping even in less than optimal work 
> conditions :-)
>> The idea is that TARGET_ADDED_LIBRARIES is interpreted by SETUP_PLUGIN
>> macro as a list of undifferentiated external lib libraries to link to
> I had to replace TARGET_ADDED_LIBRARIES with  
> TARGET_EXTERNAL_LIBRARIES, otherwise CMake would complain that it  
> doesn't know how to make the library... I think that was just because  
> of the "untested" disclaimer you put in your message :-)

A typo... sorry.

>> TARGET_LIBRARIES_VARS is interpreted as a list of variable names, the
>> simple name is intended to hold the library to iln in optimizemed mode,
>> the var with _DEBUG appended holds the lib name to use in debug mode.
> That works well, except for one thing. CMake seems to not use the  
> debug version of the OpenVRML library (given as OPENVRML_LIBRARY and  
> OPENVRML_LIBRARY_DEBUG in FindOpenVRML.cmake) in the debug linker  
> properties... I have no idea why. I can see in the CMake dialog that  
> the right library is specified (openvrml.lib for release,  
> openvrmld.lib for debug) but after doing configure+generate, it's  
> openvrml.lib in both release and debug in the Visual C++ linker  
> properties.
> The weird thing is that ANTLR_LIBRARY and REGEX_LIBRARY work well for  
> release and debug... It's just OPENVRML_LIBRARY that doesn't work. Is  
> it FindOpenVRML.cmake that has a problem? I'm including both files  
> just to see if you can spot what's wrong...

Try deleting the cache, I think the Find stuff does not recompute if the 
variable is in cache

Hope it helps


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