[osg-users] PagedLOD preprocessing

PCJohn peciva at fit.vutbr.cz
Mon Sep 10 05:24:40 PDT 2007

>> The scene contains 3GB of textures (or any higher number).
>> My idea was to make PagedLOD scene that would load high-resolution
>> textures only for the most close scene parts to the camera.
> 3GB is not overly large, and the reason for PageLOD existance is
> helping handle this and much large scenes.

Cool! I am looking forward to test it on much larger data sets.

>> The problem is clear: OSG would probably freeze the computer during
>> preprocessing when loading all the textures. In Inventor, it seemd
>> simple: just to override the texture type and make the implementation
>> not to load texture data. Any chance for solution in OSG?
> There every chance of a solution in the OSG, first up you load the
> data, for instance do it incrementally, and then to generate the LOD
> levels as required.  This is a tasks for you to work out though - the
> OSG is a scene graph rather than a modelling tool.

Surely, I already started on algorithms by myself. But what are the
possibilities of loading the scene data to not burn all free memory?
I am guessing there are two approaches:

   - You mentioned incremental loading - but I do not see any possibility
     to break in to the load-at-once algorithms of osgDB::Registry,
     ReaderWriterOSG, and their friends

   - override of loading algorithms of PluginOSG for Texture class,
     although I am not sure if it is possible to do so


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