[osg-users] osgmanipulator example questions

hesicong2006 hesicong2006 at 163.com
Sun Sep 9 21:10:10 PDT 2007

Hi, Robert
Someday before I asked a question about drag object in OSG and you told
me to see osgmanipulator example. It's great.
I tried to modify it as I want to move one object in the scene but the
whole scene. I tried to do this in addDraggerToScene function:

osg::Node* addDraggerToScene(osg::Node* scene,
osgManipulator::CommandManager* cmdMgr, const std::string& name)

    osg::Node* selectedObject=FindByName("Teapot01");

    osgManipulator::Selection* selection = new osgManipulator::Selection;

    osgManipulator::Dragger* dragger = createDragger(name);

    osg::Group* root = new osg::Group;

    float scale = selectedObject->getBound().radius() * 1.6;
    dragger->setMatrix(osg::Matrix::scale(scale, scale, scale) *

    cmdMgr->connect(*dragger, *selection);

    return root;

And here my scene has two objects, one teapot, one box. But when I run
the program, I see only the "Teapot01" which really can drag and move,
but the box is lost!
I don't know how to only move one object in the scene. Please give me
some ideas. Thanks.

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