[osg-users] How to implemente this simple function?

方之 ystku at 163.com
Sun Sep 9 19:42:56 PDT 2007

Hello Mr Wang:   I want to know how to use cullingsetting class, can you gave me a simple example?   PS:Are you in China/                                                                                         ShiTou                                                                                            2007 9 10
/>May be you need to disable autoComputeNearFar for a camera.
/>Don't apologize for your poor en , cause they may also poor in CH....hehe
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/>  Hello all :
/>    I want to implemente this function, only to render the fixed distance  from the viewer current />position, and I can't use the getProjectionMatrixAsFrustum function correct:
/>  I use the following codes, but the result is very strange:
/>  viewer ->getCamera() ->setProjectionMatrixAsFrustum(-10,10,-10,10,100,200) ;
/>  I want the viewer only to render the distance between 100 and 200 from the viewer current position.
/>/>  I will gratitude for giving me some Tutorials
/>  ......... Sorry for my poor EN.
/>                                                           ShiTou
/>                                                                2007.9.9
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