[osg-users] Linux ATI driver improvements!

Donald Tidrow donald.r.tidrow at saic.com
Fri Sep 7 12:11:55 PDT 2007

Indeed, given ATI's past track record on 'supporting' Linux, I'd wait at 
least three months and see where the dust settles before even 
contemplating buying an ATI card for my Linux systems.  Even then, the 
ATI card would either have to be much cheaper or have some new whiz-bang 
absolutely-must-have feature before I switched away from nVidia - nVidia 
has provided excellent support for their hardware under Linux, so they'd 
have to royally screw up before I'd switch.

That said, if these drivers really are as good as everybody is hoping, 
it'll make buying a laptop a lot easier, given how prevalent ATI is in 
the laptop market.


Jan Ciger wrote:
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> Robert Osfield wrote:
>>As for quality I can not say without seeing reports for OSG users, but
>>it does at least look like their might be light at the end tunnel,
>>albeit a little way off yet before we're out into the light and
>>AMD/ATI is a real contender for sticking in your Linux boxes.
> I have seen this too and I am waiting for the driver to be out to test
> it on my trusty Thinkpad. Perhaps I will be finally able to use the card
> there closer to its intended performance (what? only after 4 years after
> purchase?). However, I am dreading the words about "some corruption here
> and there" in the Phoronix articles reviewing it and wondering about the
> price of stability/bugs we are to pay for all this again :( For example
> all releases since last May are breaking suspend and crashing my laptop
> again - after 6 months of relative bug-free experience.
> I am bit skeptical after the four years with ATI/AMD in my laptop ... On
> the other hand, if it works it would be a very good news. I will report
> back once I have it tested.
> Regards,
> Jan
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