[osg-users] Linux ATI driver improvements!

Jan Ciger jan.ciger at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 11:02:51 PDT 2007

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Robert Osfield wrote:
> As for quality I can not say without seeing reports for OSG users, but
> it does at least look like their might be light at the end tunnel,
> albeit a little way off yet before we're out into the light and
> AMD/ATI is a real contender for sticking in your Linux boxes.

I have seen this too and I am waiting for the driver to be out to test
it on my trusty Thinkpad. Perhaps I will be finally able to use the card
there closer to its intended performance (what? only after 4 years after
purchase?). However, I am dreading the words about "some corruption here
and there" in the Phoronix articles reviewing it and wondering about the
price of stability/bugs we are to pay for all this again :( For example
all releases since last May are breaking suspend and crashing my laptop
again - after 6 months of relative bug-free experience.

I am bit skeptical after the four years with ATI/AMD in my laptop ... On
the other hand, if it works it would be a very good news. I will report
back once I have it tested.



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