[osg-users] Computing Image Co-ordinates

Zach Deedler mynamezach at gmail.com
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Hello Harash,


It is difficult for me to understand what you are trying to do.  If you are
trying to convert something from 3D coordinates to 2D window coordinates
then you want to use this function:

sceneView()->projectObjectIntoWindow( position, windowPosition );



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   Thanks to all. I now know the problem was probably too simplistic for
anyone to waste their precious time. I was able to figure out the way to
compute the image co-ordinates from world object co-ordinates. I am writing
here the method in case some newbie like me needs it.

   If the World Co-ordinate of the object Point is P, Then we can obtain the
Image co-ordinate C as :


1. C1 = P * MatView * MatProj * MatWind

2. C = C1 / C1.w()




MatView:- View Matrix obtained through osg::Camera::getViewMatrix()
MatProj:-  Projection Matrix obtained through

MatWind:- Window Matrix obtained through


  Here the viewport is set to the size of the image to which the scene is
rendered through RTT.








Harash Sharma <harashsharma at yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi All,


    I want some help regarding computation of projected model co-ordinates.
The problem is like this. I have a cuboidal model (car). I have been able to
compute its bounding box -- so I know the world co-ordinates of the car
bound corners. The scene is being rendered to a texture with an image size
of MxN Pixels. I would like to calculate the image co-ordinates
corresponding to the 8 bounding box corner co-ordinates. Is there any
function available in OSG which I can use to achieve this. If not, it would
be very kind of you to indicate some  pointers on how to do it. I thought it
would be as simple as multiplying the model vectors by the
osg::View::getCamera()->getViewMatrix() *
osg::View::getCamera()->getProjectionMatrix(), but I think I am missing


   Please Help. Thanks in advance.






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