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Harash Sharma harashsharma at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 6 07:29:54 PDT 2007

     Thanks to all. I now know the problem was probably too simplistic for anyone to waste their precious time. I was able to figure out the way to compute the image co-ordinates from world object co-ordinates. I am writing here the method in case some newbie like me needs it.
     If the World Co-ordinate of the object Point is P, Then we can obtain the Image co-ordinate C as :
  1. C1 = P * MatView * MatProj * MatWind
  2. C = C1 / C1.w()
  MatView:- View Matrix obtained through osg::Camera::getViewMatrix()
MatProj:-  Projection Matrix obtained through osg::Camera::getProjectionMatrix()
  MatWind:- Window Matrix obtained through osg::Viewport::computeWindowMatrix()
    Here the viewport is set to the size of the image to which the scene is rendered through RTT.
  Harash Sharma <harashsharma at yahoo.com> wrote:
    Hi All,
      I want some help regarding computation of projected model co-ordinates. The problem is like this. I have a cuboidal model (car). I have been able to compute its bounding box -- so I know the world co-ordinates of the car bound corners. The scene is being rendered to a texture with an image size of MxN Pixels. I would like to calculate the image co-ordinates corresponding to the 8 bounding box corner co-ordinates. Is there any function available in OSG which I can use to achieve this. If not, it would be very kind of you to indicate some  pointers on how to do it. I thought it would be as simple as multiplying the model vectors by the osg::View::getCamera()->getViewMatrix() * osg::View::getCamera()->getProjectionMatrix(), but I think I am missing something. 
     Please Help. Thanks in advance.
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