[osg-users] osg::Image::scaleImage in a windowless app

Paul Speed pspeed at progeeks.com
Wed Sep 5 22:03:23 PDT 2007

Jean-Sébastien Guay wrote:
> Hello Paul,
> Thanks for your suggestion... My point of view:
>> Though, if you don't know Java that
>> well I suppose you might break even with trying to figure out how to get
>> OSG+OpenGL to do this for you versus learning the Java needed.
> I have done some Java but not in a while. Other than this scaleImage()  
> thing, it took me all of a few hours to get my program working  
> perfectly using C++/OSG, and I suspect once I know how to create a  
> pbuffer, it will all be working in 15 minutes or less. So I don't  
> really see the point in spending a day or more refreshing my knowledge  
> of Java for this one project.
>> [insert every other language with a built-in imaging API here]
> OSG has a built-in imaging API... And it's my language of choice these  
> days. ;-)
> Granted, it's limited, but it does what I need. If I need more, I'll  
> go write a perl script using ImageMagick which in retrospect would  
> probably have been quicker and more customizable anyways... Oh well.
> All this to say I agree with the point you make, but now I suspect I'm  
> about 15 minutes away from my goal if I can just get a windowless  
> OpenGL context! :-)

Cool.  Good luck.  Like I said, I hated to be "one of those guys". :)  I 
just routinely run into "I need to read this JPG, scale it and save it 
as PNG" sort of things.  I don't know perl well but I do know Java very 
well and sometimes I just fire up beanshell(*) and don't even bother to 
compile anything.  It was just too hard to walk on by.


(*) - BeanShell is a Java-based scripting environment.

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