[osg-users] Producer on Mac

E. Wing ewmailing at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 18:32:19 PDT 2007

Hi Eric,
By default, the Producer.framework is the same exact framework as
Producer_AGL.framework. We gave the Producer_AGL.framework its suffix
mainly for private testing when we needed both the AGL and X11
frameworks to exist side-by-side for comparison. Producer.framework is
the one we shipped with the OSG 1.2 binary package.

I recommend you stick to the defaults and use the Producer.framework
which is really just the AGL version. I don't touch the X11 version
often on OS X. I think you might actually know more about it than I
do. I thought you were one of the unfortunate souls that pushed
new/advanced application development under X11 on OS X and hit some
devastating X11/OpenGL bugs on the platform which couldn't be worked

By the way one unfortunate quirks of using Producer with the AGL
backend is you have to make sure you compile with a specific #define,
something like -DUSE_AGL_IMPLEMENTATION (the exact string is
documented in the OSX Readme somewhere and I mention it in the
command-line build video tutorial). Producer uses the same headers for
AGL and X11 guarded with the #ifdefs. But it assumes X11 by default
unless you tell it otherwise. But if you've been using regular
Producer.framework , you probably have already been doing this.


On 9/5/07, Eric Sokolowsky <eric.sokolowsky at nasa.gov> wrote:
> Eric Wing and other OSX experts,
> I used Xcode to compile OSG for my OSG 1.2 application that uses
> osgProducer::Viewer. I just used the regular Producer.framework to
> create my application. Is this the best solution, or should I be using
> the Producer_X11.framework or Producer_AGL.framework? What are the
> differences? I'm not yet ready to move up to the latest OSG.
> Eric
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