[osg-users] Particle Sorting

DC Fennell dchristopher at playnet.com
Wed Sep 5 15:46:11 PDT 2007


The settings you mentioned below have been set. These are set  by default 
within the osg particle system. The problem still exists when I create 
another bin.

I wish I could be of help with the polygon sorting, but I have never 
implemented it with osg.

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> Hi,
> I am also dealing with transparencies and sorting, in your case maybe
> it's enough to mask off z-buffer writing for all the particle systems
> using something like:
>  osg::Depth* depth = new osg::Depth();
>  depth->setWriteMask(false);
>  your_geode->getOrCreateStateSet()->setAttribute(depth,
> osg::StateAttribute::OVERRIDE | osg::StateAttribute::ON);
> also be sure that all the rest is ok, like
> your_geode->getOrCreateStateSet()->setRenderingHint(osg::StateSet::TRANSPARENT_BIN);
> usually for particle systems using this little trick you don't need to
> sort at all.
> The method has some flaws since the result is not really correct as if
> you sorted your particles but since they are moving this shouldn't be
> a problem.
> Theoretically transparent object that don't write on the z-buffer
> should be rendered after the transparent ones that do write on it so
> in order to obtain more correct results for your particles you should
> create another BIN  (I know you can do it but have no idea how) and
> schedule it after TRANSPARENT_BIN.
> I just posted a question about polygon sorting, have you ever
> implement it with osg or do you have any particular advice share?
> Regards,
> Mike
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