[osg-users] Producer on Mac

Stephan Huber ratzfatz at digitalmind.de
Wed Sep 5 13:23:35 PDT 2007

Eric Sokolowsky schrieb:
> Eric Wing and other OSX experts,
> I used Xcode to compile OSG for my OSG 1.2 application that uses 
> osgProducer::Viewer. I just used the regular Producer.framework to 
> create my application. Is this the best solution, or should I be using 
> the Producer_X11.framework or Producer_AGL.framework? What are the 
> differences? I'm not yet ready to move up to the latest OSG.

i am not sure what implementation  the "standard" framework use, I think 
it's agl. I prefer the agl-framework, it works here very reliable.

The main difference between the x11 and the agl-framework is: for the 
x11-framework you'll have to start the x11 windowmanager, the 
agl-framework works out of the box.

There are perhaps some inconsistencies in handling keyboard-input, I did 
not update my producer-version to the latest version, there was some new 
code added, which broke keyboard input for international layouts and 
umlauts, etc.

the agl-framework has some issues with switching from fullscreen to 
windowed mode and vice versa. Some geometries may be not drawn. This is 
because the agl implementation works with two contexts, one for the 
windowed mode and one for the fullscreen mode. This is problematic with 
client states and the lazy-state-mechanism of osg (a particular client 
state is enabled for context one, after switching to context two, this 
state is not enabled again) If you reset osg's state it'll work fine and 
without problems.

I think the x11-implementation is the same as on linux, you'll need the 
x11-window-server, though ...


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