[osg-users] OpenSceneGraph-2.1.9 dev version released

Joachim E. Vollrath vollrath at vis.uni-stuttgart.de
Wed Sep 5 04:55:10 PDT 2007


I just posted a new thread titled "comment on new Depth Peeling example" 
for further discussion of the depth peeling stuff.



Paul Melis wrote:
> Hello Steffen,
> Steffen Frey wrote:
>>> Can you detail the depth peeling example a bit more (the code doesn't 
>>> have any hints), e.g.
>>> - what are the h.w. requirements for running it?
>>> - is it supposed to be stable? (I get a segfault here)
>>> - can you use any scene with transparency, or is there something special 
>>> to set up with renderbins, etc.?
>> There is actually a LaTex file I wrote in order to clarify things. 
>> Unfortunately, it didn't make it into the osgdepthpeeling folder. So 
>> it's attached to this mail for a start and probably we should add it 
>> (or maybe a plain text version) to the folder for future releases. 
>> Transparency should simply be ignored, which is ok for depth peeling I 
>> think.
> What exactly do you mean by "ignored"? Does it mean that transparency 
> information of geometry is not used to control the depth peeling 
> process? Or that transparency is ignored completely? The reason I'm 
> interesented in depth peeling in the first place is that it can provide 
> correct transparency rendering without explicit geometry sorting. 
> Rendering with depth peeling of geometry that doesn't have transparency 
> seems a bit useless.
>> It's considered to be stable in the way, that I tested it extensively 
>> on a few machines and everything worked out fine. But actually I would 
>> have been rather surprised if nobody had experienced problems with it. 
>> Please be more precise on what it took for the segfault to occur.
> Nothing special, I just ran osgdepthpeeling cow.osg. The program runs 
> for a few seconds, showing nothing but the text and fps counter at the 
> bottom of the screen. After that it goes down. I just ran it and got a 
> "Illegal Instruction" with the following stack trace:

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