[osg-users] OpenSceneGraph-2.1.9 dev version released

Steffen Frey freysn at gmx.net
Wed Sep 5 03:52:19 PDT 2007

> Can you detail the depth peeling example a bit more (the code doesn't
> have any hints), e.g.
> - what are the h.w. requirements for running it?
> - is it supposed to be stable? (I get a segfault here)
> - can you use any scene with transparency, or is there something  
> special
> to set up with renderbins, etc.?

There is actually a LaTex file I wrote in order to clarify things.  
Unfortunately, it didn't make it into the osgdepthpeeling folder. So  
it's attached to this mail for a start and probably we should add it  
(or maybe a plain text version) to the folder for future releases.
Transparency should simply be ignored, which is ok for depth peeling  
I think.
It's considered to be stable in the way, that I tested it extensively  
on a few machines and everything worked out fine. But actually I  
would have been rather surprised if nobody had experienced problems  
with it.
Please be more precise on what it took for the segfault to occur.


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