[osg-users] Fwd: OGR plugin for OSG

Christoph Ehrler ehrler-soft at gmx.de
Wed Sep 5 03:19:11 PDT 2007

OK it's me again...

I started development on the plugin but ran into the following problem:
When OSG tries to use the generated osgdb_ogr.dll it fails to open it
(DynamicLibrary::failed loading...). When I rename another dll (e.g.
osgUtil.dll) OpenSceneGraph succeeds (opened DynamicLibrary...) but
can't find the plugin of course.

Thus the error is independent from what methods are inside the dll !?!

For generating the plugin dll I copied the "Plugins gdal" / "Plugins
shp" projects and renamed the output directories/files. All builds
fine with no error nor warning.
It doesn't work with the release dll neigther with the debug version
despite the correct dll is used depending if I try it with osgViewer
or osgViewerd...

Please help a frustrated developer that ran out of ideas :)

Thank you

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From: Christoph Ehrler <ehrler-soft at gmx.de>
Date: Sep 3, 2007 9:50 AM
Subject: OGR plugin for OSG
To: osg-users at lists.openscenegraph.org

Hi @ all,

I'm wondering if there is support for reading/writing vector data via
the OGR library in OSG.
In particular I want to display KML and later GML data on a virtual
terrain or the globe created with osgDEM / VirtualPlanetBuilder.
GDAL is already contained in OSG as a plugin for raster file I/O. OGR
for vector files is part of GDAL and the appropriate source files are
already in the 3rdparty include folder...
Thus OGR should be included in the gdal12.dll in 3rdparty bin folder???

I went trough the implementation of the OSG Shapefile plugin and found
it very handy as a development basis for an OGR plugin.

Anybody already did something like this?
If not I would really appreciate some help and advice how to code the plugin.


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