[osg-users] Render to texture

Zach Deedler mynamezach at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 13:02:34 PDT 2007

Hi Ivan,


I have this code:

for(Viewer::EventHandlerList::iterator itr =

            itr != m_poViewer->getEventHandlerList().end();


      ViewerEventHandler* viewerEventHandler = 


      if (viewerEventHandler){



         return 0;




Maybe you can search the code for setWriteImageFileName and back track from


I believe there is a function call to do what you want for a camera.


Also, osgprerender renders a scene to a texture every frame.  If you did
that then you can probably just save off the texture by calling an
osg::Texture or osg::Image call.



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I just want to render a simple node to a texture. All the examples are using
callbacks, osg viewer,etc.. I don't understand all that, I just want to set
up geometry, projection and new camera and then take one shoot with camera
and that's it. 

So I need a simple function like this

osg::Image * CreateTopDownShotOfNode( osg::Node * node);

The main problem is how to tell osg to render using that camera.


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